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46+ Bed Rest While Pregnant
. While it's recommended for a number of pregnancy conditions, the practice may be going out of style. Additionally, there are studies showing that bedrest could increase complications.

Going on bed rest during pregnancy
Going on bed rest during pregnancy from

At first, bed rest may sound like a great relaxing vacation. It's not like there's a protocol and everyone agrees. Mostly, bed rest during pregnancy and decreased activity are needed only for a while.

Pregnant woman showing ultrasound scans while sitting on bed.

Being on bed rest while you're pregnant can be one of the most frustrating things. Once the threat passes, you can return to the normal rhythm of life. For example, placing a pregnant woman at bedrest dramatically increases her risk of blood clots in her legs, which. Bed rest can increase an expectant mothers' risk of blood clots, depression, diabetes and having babies with a lower birth weight.